The Christmas countdown has started by a week, the advent calendar is empty for almost a third, but can we stop here? I think there is still room for some amigurumi with blacks eyes and smirk.
This is a small selection…

schemi uncinetto amigurumi per natale - crochet amigurumi christmas patterns

1. Santa’s Helper, available for purchase on Ravelry. He has long – striped like a candy cane –  legs and a bell on the tip of the hat; this year has found a place on my second Christmas tree (yes, from zero to two in a weekend only!)

2. Nutcracker Bear, in Simply Crochet magazine no 38 (In the same issue there is the calendar with my amigurumi doodles). He drums incessantly and when takes a break he polishes the golden pieces of the uniform, he’s quirky!

3. Alberelli christmas trees, free pattern in Italian, English and Spanish. It’s my gift for you that always / sometimes / for the first time visit my blog!
4. Mini-Mittens, only in Italian (sorry!). These miniature gloves were designed as a gift tag, but are suitable for any type of decoration!
5. Tree and elf cones, only in Italian (sorry!). Last year I received many photos with these saplings: between Christmas candles, on windowsills or in the hands of your child, every time is like receiving a postcard with a sweet greeting.
6. Amigurumi Winter Wonderland, my book entirely dedicated to winter and Christmas season. Here is a roundup of all 15 amigurumi.

idee per pacchetti regalo natalizi con filati, nastri e pom pom - ideas for Christmas packaging with yarns, ribbons and pom pom
Some ideas for Christmas packaging with yarns, ribbons and pom pom, here!