“Do you like to decorate your family home, make unique creations for your Christmas tree and surprise your family and friends with handmade gifts? This winter crochet book has it all.”

amigurumi winter wonderland airali design book

If you are the kind of person who starts thinking about Christmas in August – or do it all through the year! – or even if you are closer to the Grinch attitude, you will love those amigurumi patterns. A cute snowman with earmuffs, little stars and baby angels for your Christmas tree and an adorable Saint Bernard dog are only a part of the patterns you can find in the book Amigurumi Winter Wonderland.



There are patterns for every level of crocheter, even if you are a very beginner or a proud expert; the book starts with a complete introduction about the basic crochet stitches and the special stitches and techniques you will find in some patterns.

Grab your hook, some balls of yarn and get ready to be transported in a magical Winter Wonderland!

This is the full list of the amigurumi characters: Snowman, Baby emperor penguin, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Bear, Five-pointed star, Jingle bell, Baby angel, Gingerbread house, Saint Bernard dog, Christmas train, Nativity scene, Peace dove, Little elf, and a Hot air balloon advent calendar with a tiny elf.

You can find this book in: English (US crochet terms), English Pdf, Dutch, German, Italian


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