Calling all amigurumi lovers: Join the AmiguruMay Challenge!

AmiguruMay 2024 Instagram Challenge

The beloved AmiguruMay Instagram challenge is back for the 6th year! Whether you’re a seasoned amigurumi maker, a designer or you are just starting out, this month-long event is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity, connect with fellow yarn enthusiasts, and celebrate everything we love about amigurumi.

What is AmiguruMay?

This month-long adventure, running from May 1st to 31st, is an Instagram challenge designed to inspire you to share your love for amigurumi through daily photo, video, or reel posts.

AmiguruMay is a fun and inspiring Instagram challenge that takes place throughout the entire month of May. Each day, there’s a unique prompt to guide you in creating a photo, video, or reel for your Instagram grid. The prompts will give you a chance to show off your favorite amigurumi creations, yarn stash, workspace setup, and a little bit about yourself.

Here’s what makes AmiguruMay so special:

Endless inspiration: With daily prompts, you’ll never be stuck for ideas on what to share.
A supportive community: Connect with amigurumi lovers from all over the world using the hashtags #AmiguruMay and #AmiguruMay2024.
Free planner: Stay organized and plan your posts in advance with a free downloadable planner available online.
Embrace the Challenge (or Not!): Don’t feel pressured to post every single day. Participate at your own pace, be it daily, weekly, or just a few times throughout the month. The most important thing is to have fun!
It’s all about fun! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, AmiguruMay is a chance to embrace your creativity and share your passion for amigurumi with the world.

Ready to join the AmiguruMay fun in 3 steps?
  1. Follow the daily prompts! If you need the prompts translated into your language: copy the text in English, paste into Google translate and select your language. You can also use the blank calendar below or the planner to translate the prompts.
  2. Get creative: use the prompts as inspiration to create photos, videos, or reels that showcase your amigurumi world.
  3. Share and connect: Post your creations on Instagram using the hashtags #AmiguruMay #AmiguruMay2024 and #Amigurumay2023day1 until …day31. Explore the hashtag feed to discover amazing work from other crocheters! Unfortunately the hashtags don’t work as well as a few years ago, but it’s still a good way to find new amigurumi lovers and connect with them.

Il calendario è disponibile anche in Italiano, clicca qui.

Day 1

Hello AmiguruMay!

It’s the first day of the challenge! Post any photos/videos or the AmiguruMay cover to say that you are joining in! Use the hashtag #Amigurumay2024day1 and so on until #Amigurumay2024day31

Day 2

Your last amigurumi

Share your most recent finished amigurumi

Day 3

Group photo

A group photo of all your amigurumi/ this year makes/ a group of the amigurumi that you like the most

Day 4

3 things about you

It’s fun to learn more about each other! Share 3 things about you that you feel like sharing with any photos of yourself or your makes

Day 5

In nature

Amigurumi in a park, at the sea, on a tree, on a balcony or on the windowsill

Day 6

Fun stitches

Do you have a favorite crochet stitch? Can be a plain stitch, a complicated stitch, everything you like crocheting

Day 7

Crochet hooks

Share something about crochet hooks! Your favorite, your collection, the one you use the most…

Day 8

Hands at work

Include your hand or hands in today’s post. It can be a video or a photo.

Day 9

All time fave amigurumi

Your favorite amigurumi of all times that you made

Day 10

The most fun part

The most enjoyable part of amigurumi making in your opinion is…

Day 11

3 things about yarns

Share 3 things about yarns! Examples: Your favorite brands or fibers. Something you like or dislike about a certain kind of yarn. Fun things that happened to your about buying or collecting yarn.

Day 12

Fan art

A movie/cartoon/history character that your crocheted as amigurumi

Day 13

Gorgeous colors

Share an amigurumi with your favorite color or with a color palette that you really like

Day 14


Do you use safety eyes, or embroider your amigurumi eyes, or else?

Day 15

Tips and tricks

A tip or trick that you discovered along the way? Share with #amigurumay2024day15

Day 16

An old amigurumi

Share an old or new photo of a beloved amigurumi that you made long ago

Day 17

Before and After

From yarn to final amigurumi or your first amigurumi compared to your last one. As always be creative, bend the prompts using your imagination!

Day 18

3 things about crafting

Share 3 things about crafting! Examples: Other crafts you like. Non crochet techniques that come handy in making amigurumi. Techniques that you learned along your craft journey.

Day 19


This prompt has many angles! Examples: how you organize your yarn, patterns or books? How you keep your WIP? Do you have one WIP or more at the same time? Or share your craft chaos!

Day 20

Amazing shape

An amigurumi that you enjoyed making because of its unusual, interesting or fun shape

Day 21


We already had prompts about crochet hooks and eyes. Let’s talk about all the other tools we need!

Day 22

Books and patterns

Share anything about this topic: your books/patterns collection, your favorite pattern designers, how you follow or write a pattern…

Day 23

A very small/big amigurumi

The smallest or biggest amigurumi you’ve made. Or both!

Day 24


Share a photo inspired by this word.

Day 25

3 things about patterns

Share 3 things about patterns! Examples: Your top 3 patterns. Things you like to find in a pattern. The last 3 patterns your followed.

Day 26

The least fun part

The least enjoyable part of amigurumi making in your opinion is…

Day 27

Clever detail

Have you ever followed a patterns and thoughts “oh, that’s clever!”, share with us which pattern it is! Or share one or more little details that you loved making for your amigurumi

Day 28


We certainly need that for our amigurumi! What kind of toy stuffing do you use? How do you stuff your amigurumi?

Day 29


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… share one of your seasonal amigurumi or just tell us which season you like best

Day 30

Your next amigurumi

Have you already planned your next or nexts amigurumi to make! We are curious like monkeys!

Day 31

Bye bye AmiguruMay…

It’s the last day day of the 2024 challenge! How did it go? Would you take part again?

Free Planner!

Click here to download the free planner to help you brainstorm and schedule your posts throughout the month. Improvisation is welcome as well ;)

Planner AmiguruMay 2024 - File stampabile gratuito

At this point you are ready to join in AmiguruMay 2024!

Remember to use the hashtags #amiguruMAY and #amiguruMAY2024
and also use #amiguruMAY2024day1 , #amiguruMAY2024day2 , #amiguruMAY2024day3 and so on.

Please only use the hashtags for posts related to this challenge.

Curious about the prompts from the past years, browse these old posts:: AmiguruMay2023, AmiguruMay2022, AmiguruMay 2021, AmiguruMay 2020 e AmiguruMay 2019

PS. The little amigurumi on this year’s cover are patterns from @amigurumiadvent designed by Irene Strange and myself. The deer and bear from Amigurumi Advent 2021, the flower and strawberry from Easter Egg Hunt.