AmiguruMay, the Instagram challenge for amigurumi lovers,  is back for the fifth year in a row!


AmiguruMAY 2023 is an Instagram challenge that runs from the 1st to 31st of May. There are 31 daily prompts to follow as inspiration to share a photo/video/reel on your IG grid everyday.

In this post there is the complete list of daily prompts and a brief explanation for each theme. Plus the free downloadable planner!

Have you joined AmiguruMay Challenge in previous years? Then you already know what to expect! There are days to share more about your crafty passions, or about yarn and crochet, and other days to talk a bit about yourself or your business. Then there are inspirational words and prompts to use your creativity to make a new post/video for your Instagram channel.

If this is all completely new to you, welcome! I am soooo happy to have you join us this year! Use the calendar below as your guide and post something crochet and amigurumi related all through the month of May. Feel free to play with words and use your imagination to create fun new contents using your crochet tools, yarn, and your amigurumi.

You do not have to make new amigurumi, share patterns, buy new yarn or do anything fancy to take part. Remember, this is a photographic/video challenge! Use what you have – amigurumi, tools, craft supplies, random stuff you have at home – to make a new photo or video inspired by the daily prompts.

Amigurumi 2023 prompts

Below is a short explanation for each daily prompt, just to give you a rough idea of the kind of content to post on your Instagram feed. Please feel free to unleash your creativity!

If you need the prompts translated into your language: copy the text in English, paste into Google translate and select your language. You can also use the blank calendar below or the planner to translate the prompts.

Day 1

Hello AmiguruMay!

Share your first post – any photo/video/reel you like – to start this challenge! Use the hashtag #Amigurumay2023day1

Day 2

My amigurumi

Show off one of your favorite amigurumi or your latest work

Day 3

Photo or video

Which do you like more to share your amigurumi?

Day 4

Something you love

It can be amigurumi related or not, just pop a cute amigurumi in your post!

Day 5

5 things about me

Everyone can’t wait to learn more about you! Tell us 5 things about yourself… anything you feel like sharing

Day 6

In a drawer

Amigurumi or yarn popping out of a drawer!

Day 7


An amigurumi new or old that brings back memories

Day 8


Your work (or works) in progress

Day 9


Share an amigurumi with a striped detail – or any amigurumi with stripy props or background ;)

Day 10

Cats or dogs

Do you like cats or prefer dogs? Have you ever made amigurumi cats and dogs?

Day 11

Something colorful

This is easy, Amigurumi are all colorful!

Day 12

How it’s made

Share how you made something or show us a material or tool you like using

Day 13

In a bag

Use a bag of any kind as prop for today’s post!

Day 14


Any amigurumi details that you fell in love with

Day 15

Good to know

A tip or trick that you discovered along the way? Share with #amigurumay2023day15

Day 16


The cutest or more curious accessory you made for your amigurumi

Day 17

Ocean or forest

Which do you like more – the ocean or the forest? Share an amigurumi animal from that habitat or something related to it

Day 18

Something sweet

A photo of the sweetest amigurumi or an amigurumi with yummy sweets!

Day 19

From a book

An amigurumi you made from a book – a character from a book or a pattern from a crochet book!

Day 20

In a cup

Use at least one cup of any kind as prop for today’s post!

Day 21


Share an amigurumi out in nature!

Day 22


Do you have unfished amigurumi waiting for that last detail? Any amigurumi pieces scattered around while making new ones?

Day 23

World Turtle Day

An amigurumi turtle to share the love and support for these and all endangered animals

Day 24

Cold or warm

Have you made an amigurumi inspired by a season or from a cold/warm part of the world?

Day 25

Something new

Have you recently tried a new technique, pattern, designer, yarn…? Or share your latest amigurumi

Day 26


Use real, faux or crocheted flowers in today’s post

Day 27

In my hand

Include your hand or hands in today’s post

Day 28


A sparkling yarn used for a special project or something that makes you sparkle with joy!

Day 29

Real time

A short video or reel with your hands crocheting in real time, it’s like we are all crocheting together!

Day 30


An amigurumi with the most precious smile or something that made you smile

Day 31

Bucket list

Amigurumi to-do list for the future!

Have you noticed there are a few sub-themes?

Day 3, 10, 17 and 24 are about choices! Photo or video? Cats or dogs?…
Day 2, 8, 12, 22 and 29 are about our amigurumi projects.
Day 5, 7, 22 and 31 are ideal if you feel like sharing something more personal.
Day 4, 11, 18 and 25 are the easiest prompts!

It’s a challenge!

Yes, it may feel a bit daunting to take a photo or a video every day for 31 days in a row. Feel free to set your own challenge if this is too much! You can post every other day, only 3 days a week, only on weekends… it’s up to you! There is only one rule: have fun!

If you are like me and will feel more organized and ready for the challenge in advance, here’s a free printable planner where you can add notes and ideas for your daily posts.

Are you ready to join in AmiguruMay 2023?

Remember to use the hashtags #amiguruMAY and #amiguruMAY2023
and also use #amiguruMAY2023day1, #amiguruMAY2023day2, #amiguruMAY2023day3 and so on.

Please only use the hashtags for posts related to this challenge.

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