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Differences between US and UK crochet terminology and abbreviations

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How to deal with a crochet pattern in UK terms or US terms, the correspondence between the different abbreviations and a little bit of Italian crochet terms. In this post there aren't new funny animals or stuffed dolls - if you appreciate them you can not miss the second Easter [...]

Snowmen, crochet applique for the Christmas Jumper Day

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On December 16th is the Christmas Jumper Day! A great excuse for a party, wearing funny clothes, listen Jingle bell and at the same time we can do something good raising funds for Save the Children. It's that time of year where bells, lights and red bows popping up from every [...]

Amigurumi pumpkin. Free crochet pattern.

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For the free pumpkin amigurumi pattern scroll down the page jumping all the blah blah! I get back to write on the blog after more than three months and I have no excuses. Even on Facebook I haven't been very present. Fortunately I haven't entirely disappeared thanks to Instagram. Actually [...]

Spring Mandala. Free crochet pattern!

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It is not a simple doily, it's a crochet Mandala! It is a little microcosm that contains a story, sets in the past or in the future. Spring Mandala starts to the center and grows outward, stitch after stitch, round after round, colour after colour, bringing within thoughts and even [...]

Tag with nightingale. Free pattern!

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Winter is just started, but thinking about the time to make handmade objects (even if small!), it's never early to look forward one or two seasons. So, this year, the first free crochet pattern is a tag with a blue nightingale, with a yellow beak and a mess up tail. [...]

Alberelli amigurumi. Free pattern!

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The month before Christmas Day always flows faster than the others, but this year I played in advance and I have a gift for you: the amigurumi tiny tree pattern. You can make this decoration in few hours, and it's soft and smiling. If for you decorate the tree with [...]

Ami-matite. Schema gratuito!

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C'è chi pensa alle vacanze e chi, contando alla rovescia i giorni da trascorrere in ufficio o sui libri di scuola, colora la scrivania con le Ami-matite. Ma cosa sono? Sono piccole e sorridenti testoline amigurumi con una matita - rigorosamente colorata- come corpo. Una simpatica specie di mutanti con [...]

Bassotto amigurumi (con panciotto). Schema gratuito!

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Confessione n. 125869845: Adoro i bassotti. Il corpo lungo, le gambe tozze, quell'incedere buffo e la continua sensazione di vederlo inciampare... e non dimentichiamoci delle orecchie a dir poco meravigliose! Riescono a mettermi di buon umore che non è cosa da poco conto per una musona pessimista come me. Lui è il [...]