Prova_rivista_180x240Simply Crochet

An absolutely lovely monthly magazine with which I’m glad to collaborate for a few years.

Full list

  • SC44Super Sausage
  • SC43 – Mod Magic,’60 dress
  • SC40 – Otterly in Love, amigurumi otters
  • SC39 – All dolled up, amigurumi doll
  • SC38 – Bang Bang, nutcracker Teddy bear
  • SC34 – Gelato Girl, ice-cream doll
  • SC33 – Feline good, Parisian cat
  • SC32 – Make a splash, amigurumi mermaid
  • SC31 – Bertie Bear, amigurumi bear in dungaree
  • SC29 – Finders keepers, easter doll
  • SC25 – Santa’s herper, amigurumi elf

Prova_rivista_180x240Casa Creativa

A magazine totally made in Italy with a lot of craft techniques (including crochet!).

Full list

  • CC29 – Cuscino Doppia rete
  • CC28 – Guanti Walnut
  • CC27 – Scaldatazza in stile nordico
  • CC26 – Fungo portachiavi
  • CC25 – Sacchetto Onde
  • CC24 – Postaposate arcobaleno
  • CC23 – Mandalada parete
  • CC22 – Cestini svuotatasche e Ghirlanda bucaneve
  • CC21 – Set americano da colazione
  • CC20 – Agrumi coprivasetto

Prova_rivista_180x240Gli Speciali di Casa da Sogno

Quarterly mag dedicated to creativity with different focuses.

Full list

  • Crea il tuo Natale (Nov 2015) – Moffole chiudipacco
  • L’ABC della creatività – Sacchetto Zebra
  • Crea il tuo Natale (Nov 2014) – Pacchetti amigurumi
  • Crochet (Set 2014) – Stivaletti con pompom e Set da scrivania Panda
  • Crochet Mania (Mag 2014) – Clutch bag Sabbia e Gufi portachiavi

Prova_rivista_180x240Amigurumi series

(Süsse-Tiere selbst gehäkelt) In German and dedicated exclusively to amigurumi.

Full list

  • Amigurumi Series (Mar 2016) – Teddy Bear e Intervista




Amigurumi Winter Wonderland

by Ilaria Caliri

Published in English (US terms), Italian, Dutch and German. 15 characters inspired by the winter including trains, hot air balloons and Saint Bernard dogs. A hint of Christmas during the whole year.

Amigurumi Circus

 (in Inglese)

15 amigurumi act in a quirky Circus. You can also find my designs: Carlo, the parrot and Steno, a mouse greedy for popcorn.

Zoomigurumi 5

12 designers and 15 amigurumi patterns: a crocodile, a llama, a flamingo, a rhinoceros, a peacock, a little bear, a bird family… and my walrus, Caterino.

Zoomigurumi 4

13 designers and 15 amigurumi patterns: a giraffe, a seahorse, an orangutan, a dolphin, a Parisian pigeon, a cold elephant… and my aviator bumblebee, Zeno..


Amigurumi Animals at work

Amigurumi Animals at work. If there was a city of crochet animals, it would be just like that: between firemen hippos, postmen kangaroos, builder beavers and even a hydraulic rhinoceros named Pippo.

Zoomigurumi 3

12 designers and 15 amigurumi patterns: a turtle, a kangaroo, a wolf, a hippo with a donut, a hedgehog… and my Jean the fox with a striped scarf.

Zoomigurumi 2

12 designers and 15 amigurumi patterns: a tiger, a beaver, a skunk, a pig with apron, a little cat… and Febo, my raccoon with a striped tail.

Zoomigurumi 1

The first one of a long series of books with crochet amigurumi animals. In this volume there are also: Reco, my little pig that wears overalls and Sartù the lemur.


I worked with


Simply Crochet Blog

A free crochet pattern published on its blog to celebrate Valentine’s Day: a crochet heart that is also a balloon!

Ophelia Italy

A bunch of 5 free amigurumi patterns (only in Italian), made with different kinds and weights of yarn.

Full list

  • Coni amigurumi (albero e folletto)
  • Pecorelle Bouclè
  • Panda Gigante 
  • Ami-matite


A web site that put together people with a passion for knitting, crochet and yarns.

Full list

  • Ammon crop top
  • Binario cowl
  • Nature capelet
  • Ade wool necklace
  • Brina fingerless gloves
  • Marmotta maxi scarf
  • Denim reversibile bag


Interviews (online)