Just over a year ago, after many months of golden bells, pom poms, white and red balls of yarn, he was born: Amigurumi Winter Wonderland, my first book in English that has been translated in Dutch and two months ago in German.
And I still can not believe it.
They were intense months, in which the work was so much, because you know that when you take a commitment really challenging, within a few weeks will come other  irrefutable proposals. But I managed to finish everything, winning my pessimism and throwing behind me the anxiety.
All that came after is the beauty (and I’m not talking about royalties).
When I get an email, with a dozen of pictures from you that bought the book and crocheted a lot of amigurumi.
When I read an email from those who follow me since I started, but never comments.
When I read of you who bought the book without understanding English, and you did it only to make me feel that you are here with me, and at the end you have also learned to read the patterns in a language you do not know.
When you ask an advice and I write a very long email with every detail. And I don’t know if you will be very happy!
When you talk to me as if we knew each other from school.
When you ask an advice because you’ve run an imperfect detail but it seem quite perfect.
That’s when I’m glad that I do.
Thank you!