This blog is more stripped than usual, fortunately with Facebook and Instagram I can interact more with you, and with the beginning of the patterns test (finally!) I can chat with those who do not is revealed almost never in public (but now I know that you are here with me :))
I will not bore you with the things I want to do and that are going slow.Today I’ll tell you some good news, things that brought me a huge smile and a facial paralysis for days. And I hope that, by osmosis, you will smile with me.

Number one. The German edition of my book Amigurumi Winter Wonderland is out! When they told me I did not want to believe it, the publisher is the Edition Michael Fischer who “bakes” wonderful books. It has an incredible selection of titles for everything concerning leisure and lifestyle: from the kitchen to the garden, from craft to recycling, and now there are even my amigurumi. It is already on sale from August and I still can not believe it!

Number two. There is a post about me in Mollie Makes blog, I said Mollie Makes, that is one of the most beautiful magazines of the world, I mean … I faint. While answering the questions I felt as small as a lentil and embarrassed as ever, but really happy and pleased. If you want to read the interview, it is here.

Number three. It is a surprise that will be revealed before the end of the year. It was born thanks to Simply Crochet and regards my drawings that are behind every amigurumi, but now I do not tell you more!

Airali design - Ilaria Caliri
Airali design - Ilaria Caliri