This spring will bring many crochet and amigurumi news: two new patterns for sweet and colorful Easter’s amigurumi! And a super-news that took me a long time and gave so much fun, a new amigurumi book – yeahhhhhh – with 15 characters, each one with a great personality that oozes from every stitch!

Going in order, yesterday there was my take over on instagram account, you can imagine how happy and terrified I was, both at the same time! Meeting and talking, even if only virtually, with a crowd of crochet enthusiasts from around the world is undoubtedly a wonderful thing. I focused the take over on amigurumi, hoping to have made discover how funny and cute are these little stuffed creatures.

takeover-instagram-Lovecrochet- airalidesign

My collaboration with doesn’t end there, after the interview last week, there’s a nice surprise for Easter. I’ve designed two patterns for crocheter with a bit of experience or for newbie with initiative, so don’t worry if you’re taking your first steps into amigurumi, they are perfect, crammed with step by step photos!
Two trios of subjects: the Ami-eggs and the Chubby Friends, both patterns include three amigurumi animals (chicken, rabbit and fox).
They will be available for free for one week! Take note of the dates and check the blog or my social accounts (facebook and instagram) to get the link:
– April 1 – 7: the Chubby Friends
– April 8 – 14: is the turn of the Ami-eggs
These patterns are available for free (only in English, UK crochet terms) just for 1 week each.

chubby-friends-amigurumi-pattern-airali design

And finally, the biggest news: a new amigurumi book. Yes, I’m good at keeping secrets! A part of last year was dedicated to the 15 new characters of this book, I don’t want to anticipate a lot, but maybe the small details that have shared on instagram over the past weeks and yesterday during the take over, are enough to make an idea of the whole… am I teasing you? I worked hard to give each of them a distinct personality and put in every amigurumi interesting technical details without making the patterns difficult to read. In short, I can not wait, I’m literally quivering!