Signore e Signori, Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen… Here’s the Amigurumi Circus!
There is no trick and illusion (there aren’t even cages) you can see trapeze artists, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, dancers and robbers of popcorn. All you need to kick off the show are some coloured yarns, crochet hooks and toy stuffing, the ticket … oops! The book with amigurumi patterns to get in the magical world of the circus is already available in pre-sale!

Amigurumi Circus is the last book by, there are 13 patterns designed by 11 designers from all over the world. It was born after the annual contest organized in 2015, which saw a large number of entries with awesome Circus characters. All that magic has turned into a book that is in pre-sale until June 25!

Amigurumi Circus book with crochet pattern to make amigurumi toys

All the characters in the photo are part of the book, they are 13 and full of interesting details to still fall in love with the amigurumi world! There are two quirky guys designed by me: Carlo the parrot on the unicycle and Steno the mice is a stilt walker and popcorn thief. Do I raised your curiosity?

The pre-sale at a special price will end on June 25! Purchasing in advance on you’ll receive instantly by email, the book in English in PDF format so you can start your Amigurumi Circus right away! At the end of the pre-sale all the books we will be sent (will be shipped from Germany to reach every country in the world!) and the shipping costs are included in the price.

I am really glad to see these two small creatures being part of such a beautiful book! For those passionate about crochet and amigurumi there are plenty of technical ideas and solutions to shape our beloved puppets. For anyone who is approaching now, the first part of the book is entirely dedicated to basic crochet stitches and special tecnique ans stitiches that will be used in some patterns. Then step by step photos help to understand the most complex passages.

Grab the hook! Let the show begin!