Say hello to a new Zoomigurumi book, number 6! Pre-sale at this discount price will run until February 25 only (PDF book and worldwide shipping are always included). Here is all the amigurumi animals featured in this book!

It’s great to be part of this small but big world made of funny crochet characters. I’m really happy to participate for the sixth (sixth!!!) time to this project, which was born and grown thanks to

This time I let myself be inspired by farm animals and I chose her, the queen of the barn, the cow.
Anita is a young, rather clumsy and adventurous cow. She climbs the steeper hills in the morning, looking for the delicious fresh grass that grows there, and then she lies down at a foot of a tree to take a nap. At sunset she runs down the hill to join the herd and tells them her adventures and dreams before they all go to bed.

Anita la mucca amigurumi

Anita the cow and other 14 irresistible amigurumi are part of the new Zoomigurumi 6 book, the presale has already begun and will be open only until February 25, click here! Worldwide shipping are inclused and the PDF book arrives in a jiffy. This means… start crocheting now!

Here there are Anita the cow friends: Bo the Panda by Smartapple Creations, Carlos the Hummingbird by YOUnique Crafts, Manu e Brigitte the Duchshunds by Little Aqua Girl, Mortimer the Mammoth by Patchwork Moose, Oswald the Owl by Moji-Moji dedign, Txerri the Piglet by Critterbeans, Bernard the Bear by Elfin Thread, Shawn the Shark Theresa’s Crochet Shop, Rudy the Red Panda by Little Muggles, Woo Ri the Lion by AnJiyoun, Cedric the Sloth by Irene Strange, Alvin the Hedgehog by Pepika, Kimi the Cat by Woolytoons, Anna the Swan and her baby Peter by Pica Pau.

Every Zoomigurumi book is a treasure box for amigurumi lovers!
Set up the sofa, crochet hooks on the marks, balls of yarn scattered everywhere, go and have fun :)