Amigurumi Globetrotters is the title of my new book with 15 crochet patterns! It’s packed with photos and details and each character has at least one irresistible accessory: hat, camera, little friend, bag, even an amigurumi scooter!

How were the globetrotters born? Immediately after my first book (Amigurumi Winter Wonderland) I had already wanted to work on a new project, but between an international moving and some interesting work (like the 2016 Calendar for Simply Crochet magazine), a couple of months passed before the idea could come to my mind. I started browsing through the huge amount of notes and sketches to find a logical link or a good enough idea which deserved to be developed. Eventually, as usual, instead of taking advantage of what I had available, I put new ideas on the table.

Drawing characters and scenarios centered on the idea of travel and adventure has caught me and I began to put on paper designs, colors, ideas, details until I realized I had to go further! Don’t you think that getting lost between balls of yarns, stitches and crocheted creatures is a great trip? So, the essence of traveling is not just filling a suitcase, buying air tickets and sending postcards to the other side of the world. There are so many other ways to do it and our quirky amigurumi friends have taught us how to enjoy sitting in the armchair with a crochet hook and yarn in our hands.

So my globetrotters were born, as a mix of travelers and dreamers!

Clicking here you will get straight to the page where there are all the info about the book and how to buy it immediately by taking advantage of the pre-sale.
Every day on Instagram I share a photo of a new globetrotter telling a little bit about his/her story, follow my profile @airali_gray and browse the pictures with the hashtag #amigurumiglobetrotters where I’ve already seen some amigurumi made by you! I always make a happy dance when a new one join the globetrotters gang!

Thank you for being here!