I’m in London for a few months and I already did two removals. First house was temporary and there was not the sofa (and even enough room for the sofa), the second one, the current one, has a large living room with two couches. Go from 0 to 2 seemed to me the most beautiful thing in the world.
Then I observed them properly.

cuscino uncinetto doppia rete

They are in camel corduroy fabric and very old, there is no objective beauty in their being sad and brownish. After all, I do not mind, but a crocheted cushion is not denied to anyone.
So, two balls of Nature XL cotton yarn have become a crochet chains net for a pillow!
* The pattern to make the cushion Doppia Rete is available only in Italian published into Casa Creativa magazine. It will be available in my Ravelry shop in next months, if you are interested into testing the English version of this pattern please fill out this form and contact me via email. Thank you!
* Inside the cloth bag you can see my Majolika sweater (pattern by Giuseppina Flamini is available on Ravelry) and when I finish it, if I’ll finish, it will be wonderful.
* The opened book on the sad-sofa is a collection of artworks by Lauren Hom, Daily Dishonesty. A collection of daily lies (from “I’m ready in 5 minutes” to “I’ll call you right back”) with an irresistible lettering.