Amigurumi School of Magic is opening its doors for the second year!

This year Irene Strange and I step into the woods in search of mysteries, magic and mischief! Are you joining in? Who knows what we will discover… 

The Amigurumi School of Magic is a 5-part Mystery Crochet-Along running between 1st – 31st of October 2020. There is a bonus big make released today (on the 22nd of September), the most useful item for concoctions, potion mixing and the best store for seasonal candies: a crochet cauldron!

Amigurumi School of Magic 2 MCAL - Cauldron

This year we also added a little freebie for anyone!

The Witch of the Woods hat is a little crochet accessory that will fit to all small-medium size amigurumi. Perfect to set up the seasonal mood. This pattern is only available on LoveCrafts website, click here on the image below to get your Free PDF pattern.

Amigurumi School of Magic 2 MCAL - Witch of the wood hat - free pattern

Amigurumi School of Magic is a paid for crochet event, you can join the MCAL via Raverly, Lovecrafts and Etsy*

* When you join the Amigurumi School of Magic 2 MCAL on Esty you will receive a message with your code and the guide to redeem your pattern on Ravelry. Etsy doesn’t support digital file updates.

Amigurumi School of Magic 2 MCAL - Cauldron

If you are wondering about the yarn, if it’s suitable for beginners, how to get the patterns… we are excited just like you! Complete info about the Mystery Crochet Along are available here.

Perhaps you already joined in last year (a very warm welcome back!), but if you haven’t and you are curious to know everything about the first Amigurumi School of Magic, you can read this blog post and have a look at all the photos and the complete collection on Ravelry. And little bundles are available on Etsy

Enjoy some magical crocheting!