Some dachshund can fly, have superpowers, and wear a superhero cape. This can happen in the world of amigurumi, the video speaks clearly!


Apparently our Super Sausage does not need a phonebox (like Superman) neither weird substances (like Spiderman), his powers are made out of cotton yarn and a crochet hook.



The PDF amigurumi pattern is available in Italian and English (US crochet terms), it includes written instructions, step-by-step photos and lots of photos! The peculiarity of this pattern is in its construction as well as in its super powers. The Super Sausage is almost seamless (yeahhh!), arms and legs are made first and joined in to the body as you work. It’s a simple technique that speeds up work and reduces seams, and it allows a perfect movement during the flight!


Links to buy the PDF pattern and read all the details about materials and measurements are HERE.

These are the Super Sausages made by my Super Testers: Tessa, Francesca, Sian, Serena e Bilyana. Thank you!


Made by you: Super Sausage amigurumi dachshund - crochet pattern