Crochet birds amigurumi pattern by Airali design in Mollie Makes magazine

The feathered trio. Little crochet birds in Mollie Makes issue 80

Bright coloured feathers and gold crowns for the amigurumi summer birds!

Summer is just around the corner and I bet that your wishes include cotton yarn, colours and easy to follow crochet patterns (to alternate the big winter projects!).
Temptations, when talking about yarns, are difficult to avoid… like a good ice cream at the seaside when the sun is about to fade down. Sorry for the expat inside me, who lacks the sea breeze and above all the good artisan ice cream!

Uccelli uncinetto amigurumi Airali design per Mollie Makes
The three C of Summer are Colour, Cotton, Crochet. And here are these three little birds!
It was fun to choose the color palette for this little amigurumi. Even the names of the colours chosen by the beautiful palette of Rico Cotton Essentials are fresh and summery: Aquamarine, candy pink, salmon, banana … and in my fantasy I come back on the sunset by the sea …

Uccelli uncinetto amigurumi Airali design per Mollie Makes

The crochet pattern for the feathered trio of soft amigurmi birds and step-by-step pictures to create the wings with so many feathers – which seem difficult but they are not, I swear! – are in Mollie Makes’s issue 80 (here’s the magazine’s preview) and they’re also on the cover, hurray for the birdies with the crown!

* Mollie Makes is a gorgeous UK magazine, information about buying an hard copy or digital copy are on their website.
** The pattern is in UK terms, look at this post to avoid confusion with American abbreviations!

Uccelli uncinetto amigurumi Airali design per Mollie Makes

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Super Sausage, the superhero dachshund dog! Amigurumi pattern

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