How to deal with a crochet pattern in UK terms or US terms, the correspondence between the different abbreviations and a little bit of Italian crochet terms.

In this post there aren’t new funny animals or stuffed dolls – if you appreciate them you can not miss the second Easter surprise on website, online from the 8th of April! Today we face an issue that for some of us is really tough: crochet patterns in US and UK terms.

If you are thinking if this post helps to translate crochet patterns… well, my advice is really different. Translating every little piece is a time consuming and tiring task and actually it is not exactly helpful, and not even a good workout if we intend to follow more patterns with a different crochet terminology.
The instructions are mainly a series of abbreviations with a few words here and there, excluding the text portions which describes the construction, special tecniques, details and finishes which are the same in both US and UK english. In my opinion, the wisest action is printing out the list – below – of abbreviations and consult it while you’re working. In this way all the abbreviations and their corresponding will be stored in our memory and after a while we no longer need to look at the list!

Someone is wondering if indeed there are two different crochet terminology for American and British English?
Unfortunately, for some reason, they are different. The issue gets more complicated because the names of the stitches are pretty much the same, but they refer to different stitches. The first approach may cause some dizziness, but with the list to hand everything will go smoothly!

Abbreviazioni uncinetto con traduzione in Inglese e corrispondenza con termini UK e US

Knowing one of the terminologies to get the translation into the other two, just see the same table row.

Talking about amigurumi, where it primarily uses single crochet in US or double crochet in UK, the game is simple: if the pattern is in UK terms and says dc/double crochet means that we must work what are called sc/single crochet in US terms.

Now that the fog thinned you can try new patterns in UK or US tarms without having any fear!
Remember that Chubby Friends (in UK terms) pattern is free on until the 7th of April!
And from the 8th to 14th of April is the turn of the Ami-eggs (in UK terms).