If I do not have a crochet hook in my hands it means I’m knitting.
And often it is the fault of the friends that make me fall into temptation with their knitting patterns or something published on Ravelry. It’s easy to tempt me, but it is even more so when the patterns are beautiful from every point of view: the impeccable design, the inevitable chart, the neat instructions.

This time, and it is not the first time, I fell into the Giusi’s “trap” (Giuseppina Flamini, the blogger of Knittingcakes). With hat Chini was love at first sight and a new hat is really helpful with the London’s wind. In addition, Giusi always manages to get you in the model, describes her inspiration (often related to art or architecture topics) and makes it even more interesting to dive into a new knitting cast on.

The pattern for the hat and gloves Chini are free only in December on Crowdknitting website. You can also follow Giusi through her blog and instagram!


Cappello Chini lavorato a maglia con trecce su schema di Giuseppina Flamini