Backpack with geometric colourwork in tapestry crochet

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My new backpack crochet pattern reminded me that it's a really long time since I've updated my blog. I'm tangled between balls of cotton yarn and long-term projects so I forget my virtual home, which fortunately is always ready to welcome new and old crochet enthusiasts. I have updated Instagram [...]

Amigurumi pig on the beach

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It's known, in the world of amigurumi everything is possible. Even a pig wearing a swimsuit with white and green stripes and brings everything it needs for a day at sea: towel, bucket, scoop and a rubber ring (tailored to his belly!). While I doodled this pig (for the 2016 [...]

Traditional Christmas

By |2017-05-25T19:14:34+02:0025/11/2015|Categories: Amigurumi, Crochet|Tags: , |

When I was a child, the Christmas tree was always full of wooden decorations beautifully painted. My favorites were the sleds, loaded with small wooden cubes-packages. Then the rocking horses, I was fascinated by the brush strokes on the saddle and the stiff mane. The heaviest were the balloons, painted [...]

Simply Crochet calendar 2016

By |2017-05-25T19:14:34+02:0017/11/2015|Categories: Amigurumi, Books|Tags: , , |

What it was the third news still secret in the last post? The Simply Crochet Calendar 2016 with my illustrations! They are not just cute and colorful doodles, they are the drawings at the base of my amigurumi. I realize them to understand the proportions, choose colors, decide the details [...]

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