Do you remember this hat worked with crochet stitches in back loop only? This cape is really similar, I love to use these stitches, they looks like knitting and are really elastic, perfect for a garment.


This cape is crochet in rows. Work a rectangle, close it with a side seam with crochet hook or a tapestry needle (from the neck to the back). So it will be easy to make a cape with the perfect circumference or choose the right size according to use: above the coat for winter or smaller, for spring, to wear over a shirt or T-shirt.


Stitches and abbreviations:
–  chain (ch)
–  slip stitch in back loop (
– single crochet in back loop (
– half double crochet in back loop (
“Back loop” crochet stitches are a variation of basic stitches. Insert the hook only in the back cable of the chain and work the rest of the stitch normally.
Gauge & supplies: 
Size 6mm/J crochet hook and 250g /500m of bulky wool (for medium size)
11 stitches and 7 rows worked in = 10 cm (3.9 in) square
Important!!! Keep your stitches loose without stretching too much the thread. Mostly for slip stitch in back loop.
row 1. Ch 43. in the second ch from the hook, 12, 5,, ch 2 and turn
row 2. 25, 5, 12, ch, turn
row 3. 12, 5, 25, ch 2, turn
Repeat second and third rows until row 72. It may continue for more rows or finish the cape before the 72 according to the type of yarn used and the size of the cape that you want to achieve.
To make the cape with button and buttonhole on neck: repeat the second and third round until the 37th.
row 38: 25, 5, 13 ch, turn. Continue with row 3 starting from the second ch from hook. Repeat third and second rows until row 72.
Make the buttonhole (starting from of row 38): 12 for 4 rows, ch, turn. 4, 4 ch, skip 4 stitch, Continue for 4 rows with 12
Merge the latest row with the first one with crochet hook or tapestry needle.
Fold the rectangle by matching the last lap to the first. Work with slip stitches to sew together the two parts (work a loop of the stitches of the last row and the lower part of the foundation chain) and help, if necessary, with the pins. Or cut a long tail of thread and sew with a needle.
Thank you :)
pattern by airali design
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