Hi! I’m Ilaria, airali is my name spelled backwards as I have a propensity to do/see things upside down. I love tin boxes, ice cream, going for walks and absolute silence (as much as the complete opposite).


I’m a crochet designer and blogger, I work with Italian and International magazines, I designed an amigurumi book (Amigurumi Winter Wonderland) and you can even find my patterns in Zoomigurumi books (from the first one to the fifth). Often I draw quirky characters and then I transform them into crochet toys, but I also design garments, accessories and home decor.


Whilst commuting between Naples and Sorrento I stumbled upon amigurumi.
Crochet and knitting, combined with a passion for design, led me to start my first blog “Where is the Wonderland? besenseless.blogspot.com ” in 2010. In April of 2016, my blog has become a website called by my nickname, which also is the name of my brand: airalidesign.com
Regardless of the name change, the substance is always the same: I work with yarns and crochet hooks.
Now I’m in London, in a new home where I’m going to grow my yarn stash (update: after one year, living space becomes increasingly little in favour of skeins and balls of yarn).


You can read some more things about me in this interview for Mollie Makes blog.

If you want to look around among the magazines in which I published my patterns, other collaborations and books, here is a list (almost) complete and updated.


Do you have questions about crochet, amigurumi, my books or about how to find the magazines? Here is a list of the most frequent questions & answers, or write me via email, I’ll be happy to reply and have a chat with you.


See you soon!