Summer is winding down; in London there was a long Spring that became an early Autumn. Summer: absent.
Considering the mad heat of the last few months in Italy, everyone tell me to be lucky. I’ll feel lucky when the cold winter will stay away! So, my Autumn mood began a few weeks ago (in August!) and when I thought about the perfect keychain for the keys of the new house my mind flew to an adorable and smiling poisonous mushroom with a red hat covered with white spots.
The buttons, which personify the stains, were the first contact with this new area. I bought them a Saturday morning, in a vintage market stall in a road close to my home when it was not my house, but just one of many to see and consider.
How much the stall selling vintage buttons did influence the choice of the house? Mmm… I don’t know. Maybe a little.

This harmless and smiling Amanita Muscaria is crocheted with cotton yarn, the instruction to realize the keychain are inside number 26 of the Italian magazine Casa Creativa (Oct/Nov 2015).

Crochet mushroom chain - Fungo portachiavi a uncinetto
Crochet mushroom chain - Fungo portachiavi a uncinetto