The list of patterns that are waiting for a proofreading (and then …photographed for step by step tutorial, test, translate, check, recheck..) and published in the Etsy shop has become rather long and don’t ever come to end. But I would like to inaugurate the autumn with a free amigurumi pattern, the star cactus!
In many (actually all females!) asked me: how to work it? It’s simple! It’s so easy that it could be the first work for those who want to get closer to amigurumi.

Stitches and abbreviations (US terms):
– ch: chain
– sc: single crochet
– inc: single crochet increase (sc twice into the same stitch)
– dec: single crochet decrease (work two stitches together)

Gauge and supplies:
– 3 mm (D) crochet hook
– sport weight yarn about 50 g/125 m
– brown felt
– fiberfill for stuffing
– sewing and tapestry needle
– beads, pompoms, pins…
– 4 cm (1,5 in) clay pot
It isn’t necessary to use the recommended yarn and crochet hook! Using a larger crochet hook, and a suitable yarn, the amigurumi cactus will be larger preserving the same proportions.

rnd 1: start 6 sc in a magic ring. Work in a continuous spiral.
rnd 2: inc 6 times [12]
rnd 3: (inc, sc in next st)  repeat 6 times [18]
rnd 4: (inc, sc in next 2 st)  repeat 6 times [24]
rnd 5: (inc, sc in next 3 st)  repeat 6 times [30]
rnd 6: (inc, sc in next 4 st)  repeat 6 times [36]
rnd 7/12: sc in all 36 st
rnd 13: (dec, sc in next 4 st) repeat 6 times [30]
rnd 14: (dec, sc in next 3 st) repeat 6 times [24]
rnd 15: (dec, sc in next 2 st) repeat 6 times [18]
rnd 16: (dec, sc in next st) repeat 6 times [12]

Leave a long tail of thread, fold the work like in the pictures and lock the position with a couple of stitches for each part. Do not stuff!
Cut a circle of 10 cm (4 in) in diameter, sew a running stitch a half cm (0,4 in) from the edge, pull the thread to leave a little hole, stuffing and close.
Sew the cactus on the cloth basis and fill with beads, pompom, flowers, colored pins…

amigurumi cactus - free crochet pattern -
amigurumi cactus - free crochet pattern -

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Thank you!

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