My new backpack crochet pattern reminded me that it’s a really long time since I’ve updated my blog. I’m tangled between balls of cotton yarn and long-term projects so I forget my virtual home, which fortunately is always ready to welcome new and old crochet enthusiasts.

I have updated Instagram more frequently, someone will have seen the latest news:
♥ One of my very first amigurumi patterns, the Teddy Bear, was renovated with many pictures and detailed step by step instructions. The new pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, Amigurumipatterns and Lovecrochet (who purchased the pattern in the past can send me an email with the receipt and I’ll answer with the PDF pattern!)

♥ Among the collaborations with Simply Crochet (between a unicorn with rainbow hair and yarns that smell of spring) I must point out a special issue that includes many amigurumi patterns published in the magazine over the last year, it’s called Amigurumi Collection! It’s entirely dedicated to amigurumi, with as many as 54 patterns, including my Craft doll, the mermaid, the otters, the superhero dachshund, the bear in overalls, the ice cream girl and a nice interview!

♥ And I can not hold back the happy dance for having received Zoomigurumi 6, that includes my Anita the cow, and the entire collection of Zoomigurumi in German (plus the latest in Dutch and the first one in French) I’m really happy to give a small contribution to spread the love for handmade and for these quirky stuffed creatures!

After much wandering, back to the backpack! It’s super capacious and resistant, made with the new Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran, an acrylic yarn very suitable for this kind of accessories that require resistance, practicality and aggressive washes. So we can afford to take it with us everywhere, lay it down on the grass and enjoy the spring!

It is colorful and full of crochet details, the most important is the band with triangular motifs worked in tapestry crochet, which makes the base even more sturdy and suitable to carry heavy objects without fear of deformation, also the inner liner helps to keep the backpack always in form. The roll-top closes the backpack securely with magnetic buttons. The crochet pattern is available in issue 55 of Simply Crochet magazine.

See you soon with important news!