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Get ready to our next amigurumi journey…

Amigurumi School of Magic is opening its doors for a third year of crochet wizardry and yarny magic!
Join Ilaria Caliri and Irene Strange as set out to explore magical elements and to meet mythical creatures.

The Amigurumi School of Magic is a 5-part Mystery Crochet-Along running between 1st – 31st of October 2021.
Each part’s lesson is a downloadable PDF with 3 original crochet patterns { + surprises!}, released every Friday throughout the month.

Righ On-Time sign-ups for the MCAL are open until 31th of October 2021. Sign up to save 25% from full price!

Enrol now and download an 18 pages PDF file with the Welcome letter, the introduction to the Mystery Crochet Along, the Bonus pattern and our Stitch guide for the projects. The bonus big make for this term is a Magic Satchel bag – what potions will you carry in yours?

Bewitchingly yours,

Ilaria and Irina

Amigurumi School of Magic 3

Missed out on the previous terms of Amigurumi School of Magic? We practiced hook-wand waving and potion making, fought off hungry ghosts, faced werewolves and friendly moths and got up to all kinds of mischief together.

Visit our Ravelry, Etsy or LoveCraft shop to discover all the pattern collections while waiting for our next adventure!

Amigurumi School of Magic 3

Here’s the list of the most frequent answers and questions

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Amigurumi School of Magic 3 is a paid for Mystery Crochet Along by Airali design and Irene Strange which includes 5 parts (with 3 amigurumi pattern each + extras), the bonus big make and a final surprise.

You can join us on Ravelry, Lovecraft or Etsy from the 24th of September 2021.

MCAL stands for Mystery Crochet-Along, an online event which runs for a limited time where people work together on the same project. With Mystery crochet-alongs we know the theme of the Crochet-Along but not the specific projects, which are released in parts throughout the event.

To take part in the Mystery Crochet-Along you will need to purchase a copy of the MCAL pattern either on Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Etsy.
* When you join the Amigurumi School of Magic 3 MCAL on Esty you will receive a message with your code and the guide to redeem your pattern on Ravelry. Etsy doesn’t support digital file updates.

With this and our previous MCALs we offer an introductory Early-Bird price. The discount is available only from the 24th to the 30th of September in all our shops.

Having a Ravelry account isn’t essential but it will help get the pattern updates easier. If you prefer using LoveCrafts you will not receive any update email, but the updated file will be available to download every Friday morning.
If you buy the Amigurumi School of Magic 3 on Etsy you will receive a code to redeem your patterns on Ravelry.

For this MCAL we are using Paintbox Cotton DK, it’s a nice thickness for making Amigurumi.
You can find it on Lovecrafts.com* 

Please note the MCAL pattern is not included with the yarn and needs to be purchased separately.

This is the yarn list to make the whole collection and the bonus make:

Black (402 Pure Black)
White (403 Champagne White)
Grey (406 Slate Grey)
Beige (408 Vanilla Cream)
Brown (410 Soft Fudge) + 1 more ball for the bag!
Dark brown (411 Coffee Bean)
Red (414 Rose Red)
Orange (420 Blood Orange)
Yellow (423 Buttercup Yellow)
Green (425 Pistachio)
Dark green (428 Racing Green)
Pale blue (432 Seafoam Blue)
Light blue (433 Washed Teal)
Blue (435 Kingfisher Blue)
Fuchsia (444 Raspberry Pink)
Pink (456 Vintage Pink)

Of course you are welcome to use a different yarn! This is a nice stash-busting project, as small makes don’t need as much yardage.

*Affiliate link. You buy at the same price and we will get a small percentage. Thank you!

You can mix different brand of DK cotton yarn if some colours are not availabe in your preferred shop – or if you already have some of those colours in your stash!
We use Ricorumi* and Happy Cotton* as example. Feel free to use the drops of color as sample to pick the closest color in your favourite yarn.

 Black – Paintbox 402 Pure Black – Ricorumi 060 Black – Happy Cotton 775 Liquorice

  White – Paintbox 403 Champagne White – Ricorumi 002 Cream – Happy Cotton 761 Dolly

  Grey – Paintbox 406 Slate Grey – Ricorumi 080 Slate – Happy Cotton 774 Stomp

  Beige – Paintbox 408 Vanilla Cream – Ricorumi 054 Ecru – Happy Cotton 773 Sandcastle

  Brown – Paintbox 410 Soft Fudge – Ricorumi 056 Nougat – Happy Cotton 776 Biscuit

  Dark Brown – Paintbox 411 Coffee Bean – Ricorumi 057 Chocolate – Happy Cotton 777 Cookie

  Red – Paintbox 414 Rose Red – Ricorumi 028 Red – Happy Cotton 789 Lippy

  Orange – Paintbox 420 Blood Orange – Ricorumi 027 Orange – Happy Cotton 790 Ketchup

  Yellow – Paintbox 423 Buttercup Yellow – Ricorumi 063 Saffron – Happy Cotton 771 Buttercup

  Green – Paintbox 425 Pistachio – Ricorumi 047 Pistachio – Happy Cotton 779 Fizz

  Dark Green – Paintbox 428 Racing Green – Ricorumi 050 Fir Green – Happy Cotton 780 Treetop

  Pale Blue – Paintbox 432 Seafoam Blue – Ricorumi 037 Ice Green – Happy Cotton 765 Bath time

  Light Blue – Paintbox 433 Washed Teal – Ricorumi 033 Light Blue – Happy Cotton 785 Bubbly

  Blue – Paintbox 435 Kingfisher Blue – Ricorumi 031 Sky Blue – Happy Cotton 786 Yacht

  Fuchsia – Paintbox 444 Raspberry Pink – Ricorumi 015 Berry – Happy Cotton 795 Giggle

  Pink – Paintbox 456 Vintage Pink – Ricorumi 010 Smokey Rose – Happy Cotton 793 Sorbet

*Affiliate link. You buy at the same price and we will get a small percentage. Thank you!

Depending on your yarn you may need to change to bigger or smaller hook size, find one that works best for you!

A crochet Satchel bag and 3 patterns for each one of the 5 parts. All projects are designed to be fun and quick to make and will work to scale as a complete set when worked in the same yarn.

You are welcome to make all of the weekly patterns or just your favourites – it’s totally up to each maker! We hope you will enjoy this magical adventure and crochet at your own pace.

Sharing on social media is completely optional, we do love seeing all your makes! Make sure to use #amigurumischoolofmagic #amigurumischoolofmagic2021

We like to hang out in our Ravelry group too!

Like last years’ MCAL we will surprise you with 1 new bundle of amigurumi patterns each week throughout October. The 5 mystery parts will be all new, with no repeats with last year’s MCAL. For this term we discover the natural elements while travelling in legendary places to meet extraordinary creatures…

Amigurumi School of Magic 3

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