Take a trip through amigurumi land!
Amigurumi globetrotters is my second book (after Amigurumi Winter Wonderland), which introduces 15 adventurous crochet characters.

Amigurumi Globetrotters is a journey into the imaginary world of amigurumi. Some were born to go around with their backpack, with the suitcase always ready and the aim to discover what’s behind the hill with their own eyes. Some are great dreamers, with the nose turned up, the eyes lost on the pages of a book or between baskets full of yarn.
I hope you will have fun discovering their stories and also finding affinities! I would like to be like Brando the sloth, whose only concern is to look for a cool place to tie his hammock up, but I’m probably more like Anita the sheep, with odd socks and a crochet hook in my hand!

Are you ready to embark yourself, a bunch of crochet hooks and a bag full of yarn in this adventure?
I’m waiting for you!
The pre-sale is already started and will run at this discounted price until the 20th of May. Grab your PDF or paperback on Amigurumipatterns.net
– if you buy the hard copy of Amigurumi Globetrotters the PDF is included for free and you’ll received it immediately in your mailbox
– the books will be shipped out on May 22, worldwide shipping cost is included!
– the official release date for this book is August 1st, so if you don’t grab a copy of this book during the pre-sale, you will wait a few more months!

Here is the list of all the amigurumi animals of the book:
Lenny the beaver
Bea and Miki the kangaroos
Nestor the cat
Martin the elephant
Anita the sheep
Sandra the flamingo
Albert the pug
Jim and Alani the bears
Fred the frog
Norman the bunny
Brando the sloth
Ernest the octopus
Barney the monkey
Vasco the lion
Diego the giraffe

I’m looking forward to seeing your globetrotters!
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