Amigurumi Advent 2021

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Let’s get all cozy, snug and warm… with Amigurumi Advent 2021

The Amigurumi Advent is back for a fourth year!
This December join us for a brand new mystery crochet-along and unwrap a cute crochet surprise every day until Christmas Day.

This year’s collection is inspired by woodland – with natural elements, cute animals and warm colours – it’s all festive and cozy.
The adventure starts with a beautifully textured Yule Log and we will reveal the mini collection day by day, advent calendar style, starting on December 1st.

Feel free to use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree, or as quick little gifts! We want this to be a fun and relaxing crochet-along for everyone – let’s craft at our own pace and get creative with some fun with little makes!

Early-bird sign-ups for the MCAL are open from the 16th until the 30th of November 2021.
Enroll to receive the crochet pattern to make the Yule Log, introduction to the MCAL and a stitch guide for the project.

Merry crafting!

Ilaria and Irina

PS. Below are answers to some of the questions we have been asked. If there’s anything else do let us know and we will add it to the list!

Amigurumi Advent 2021

Amigurumi Advent 2021 is a paid for Mystery Crochet Along by Airali design and Irene Strange which includes 24 crochet and amigurumi patterns released daily – like an advent calendar – from 1st to 24th of December. It also includes a bonus big pattern – the Yule Log – that you can download as soon as you sign in.

You can join us on Ravelry ! You can also buy the MCAL in our Etsy shop – the pattern will be redeemed on Ravelry – we are giving this option to allow more payment options.

MCAL stands for Mystery Crochet-Along, an online event which runs for a limited time where people work together on the same project. With Mystery crochet-alongs we know the theme of the Crochet-Along but not the specific projects, which are released in parts throughout the event.

You can sign up for the MCAL in our Etsy shop, but as Etsy doesn’t support digital updates the patterns will be redeemed on Ravelry – make sure to leave us your email address or Ravelry username at checkout to receive the daily updates.

To take part in the Mystery Crochet-Along you will need to purchase a copy of the MCAL pattern either on Ravelry or on
Early-Bird price is 15$ only until 30th of November.

For those joining the MCAL via Ravelry the daily updates will be sent out through the Ravelry pattern update tool, with each part presented as a separate PDF file. Click the update pattern icon in your individual Pattern Library to update the PDF.

For those joining the MCAL on the PDF pattern file will be re-uploaded each day with the latest part added on to make the file longer.

For those joining the MCAL on Etsy the patterns will be redeemed on Ravelry, a daily update will be received by email.

Join us in the Amigurumi Adventures Ravelry group to chat and share your Advent in progress!

Having a Ravelry account isn’t essential but it will help get the pattern updates easier.

With this and our previous MCALs we offer an introductory Early-Bird price for the first to join, it means you get a the whole Amigurumi Advent experience for a special price – 15$ only!

Price will be 20$ from the 1st of December to the 31st of December. Regular price is 25$.

Note: local VAT taxes may be applied depending on your country.

The MCAL is designed to work with DK weight cotton yarn, but like all amigurumi projects it can be made in any yarn and hook. Using bulkier yarns will result in bigger toys, lighter yarns will produce smaller toys – it really depends on personal preference.

TIP: Each make will need a small amount of yarn, great for using up odd bits from the stash!

The yarn you will see used throughout the MCAL is Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK * (100% cotton, 50g, 125m/137yds) in:

Beige (408 Vanilla Cream)
Brown (410 Soft Fudge) x2 balls
Dark brown (411 Coffee Bean)
Red (416 Red Wine)
Pink (456 Vintage Pink)
Green (425 Pistachio)
Dark green (428 Racing Green)

And we add a little bit of sparkle with a metallic yarn too! We use Anchor Metallic * (80% viscose, 20% polyester, 25g, 100m/109yds) in:

Gold (Metallic 00300)

Here there are 2 example of yarn substitutions: Ricorumi DK * and Happy Cotton *

* Affiliate links: You pay the same price and support our work at the same time. Thank you!

Depending on your yarn you may need to change to bigger or smaller hook size, find one that works best for you!

A crochet Yule Log and 24 little patterns, one on each day of the advent.

This year’s collection is inspired by woodland, and will have a mixture of amigurumi animals and elements from nature. Each day will bring a anew original design, all working together as a set.

You are welcome to make all of the daily patterns or just your favourites – it’s totally up to each maker! We hope you will enjoy receiving the daily surprise and crochet at your own pace enjoying the countdown to Christmas Day.

Sharing on social media is completely optional, we do love seeing all your makes and share them on our Instagram Story!

Use the hashtags #amigurumiadvent and #amigurumiadvent2021 to make your posts visible to everyone browsing the hashtags.

There will be prizes! A few makers will be randomly picked from the Instagram posts and Ravelry thread at the end of the MCAL.

Like last years’ Advent we will surprise you with one new mini make every day from 1st to 24th December. The 24 mystery patterns will be all new, with no repeats with last years’ MCAL.

Amigurumi Advent 2018 is all about an amigurumi Christmas tree with little festive decorations – find the collection here!
Amigurumi Advent 2019 big make is a crochet Christmas Stocking and a collection of mini amigurumi dedicated to some of the traditions associated with the Christmas season – find the collection here!
Amigurumi Advent 2020 is inspired by classic toys and games and includes the crochet pattern to make a crochet gift box in 3 sizes – find the collection here!

This year, Amigurumi Advent 2021, we set our crochet adventure in a woodland during the magical winter season!

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