Everything you need to know about Amigurumi Advent 2019!

Below are answers to some of the questions we have been asked. If there’s anything else do let us know and we will add it to the list!

Amigurumi Advent 2019 is a paid for Mystery Crochet Along by Airali design and Irene Strange which includes 24 amigurumi patterns released daily – like an advent calendar – from 1st to 24th of December.

You can join us on Ravelry or Lovecraft!

MCAL stands for Mystery Crochet-Along, an online event which runs for a limited time where people work together on the same project. With Mystery crochet-alongs we know the theme of the Crochet-Along but not the specific projects, which are released in parts throughout the event.

To take part in the Mystery Crochet-Along you will need to purchase a copy of the MCAL pattern either on Ravelry or on LoveCrafts.com.
It’s on sale from the 20th of November – Early-Bird price is 10$ only until 27th of November.

Having a Ravelry account isn’t essential but it will help get the pattern updates easier. If you prefer using LoveCrafts they will also send a weekly update email.

With this and our previous MCALs we offer an introductory Early-Bird price for the first to join, this amounts to a saving of 1/3 from the price of the patterns once the MCAL starts and gives us an quick idea of how many participants we are likely to have – the more the merrier!
Do I have to use the recommended yarn?
For this MCAL we are using Paintbox DK Cotton, it’s a nice thickness for making Amigurumi.
You can find a ready made yarn pack in 2 colorways (Pastel and Merry) on sale on Lovecrafts.com (this is an affiliate link).
Please note the MCAL pattern is not included with the yarn pack and needs to be purchased separately.

But of course you are welcome to use a different yarn! This is a nice stash-busting project, as small makes don’t need as much yardage.

Depending on your yarn you may need to change to bigger or smaller hook size, find one that works best for you!
A crochet stocking pattern and 24 little patterns, one on each day of the advent.

A crochet stocking and cute amigurumi ornaments, some very festive, some little animals and modern decor!

You are welcome to make all of the daily patterns or just your favourites – it’s totally up to each maker! We hope you will enjoy receiving the daily surprise and crochet at your own pace enjoying the countdown to Christmas Day.

Sharing on social media is completely optional, we do love seeing all your makes and we ran at least one giveaway on Instagram.

Like last year’s Advent we will surprise you with 1 new mini make every day from 1st to 24th December. The 24 mystery patterns will be all new, with no repeats with last year’s MCAL.

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