Calling all amigurumi lovers – here’s a new Instagram challenge just for you!

#AmiguruMAY will run throughout May with daily prompts to follow and share. We will celebrate all the things we love about amigurumi, hang out with other makers and designers from all around the globe and grow our creative community.

Joining the challenge is as easy as pie! Follow the daily prompt to get inspiration for your post and share it on Instagram with #AmiguruMAY tag. Follow the hashtag to meet fellow amigurumi makers and designer, and most importantly have fun!

You can download an handy printable AmiguruMAY planner to take notes, plan and scribble idea for each daily theme. Click here or on the photo below to download the PDF file!

Only yesterday I launched this idea on Instagram… Thank you so much for the warm (I should say hot!!!) welcome to AmiguruMAY! It was unplanned until a few weeks ago. When that name popped in my mind I thought it would have been a shame not to use it for something fun… and May is just around the corner.

This Amigurumi challenge is not about myself but about our crochet/amigurumi community and I’m so so happy to be part of it. I can’t wait to see newbies, experts, makers, designers… all together sharing our great passion for amigurumi.
It’ll be so much fun!