AmiguruMAY 2020: daily prompts to get inspiration for your post and share it on Instagram from the 1st to 31st of May

AmiguruMAY 2020 Instagram Challenge for amigurumi makers and designers

Are you reading about AmiguruMAY for the first time? Please read this blog post or this instagram post!

AmiguruMAY is an Instagram Challenge for all crochet lovers, amigurumi makers and designers. The challenge is about posting everyday on Instagram (photo + caption) following the daily prompts throughout May 2020. Find the inspiration from the prompts and the amazing amigurumi community!

Why you should join in?

Everyone can have a different motivation… because you love crochet and amigurumi, to find new Instagram profiles with same interests, even get new friends! Discover new techniques/yarn/patterns. Grow your Instagram community thanks to daily posts and interactions. Or simply because you love challenges. And this is a fun challenge! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #amiguruMAY and #amiguruMAY2020

Do you think you can’t participate every day?

This is a “challenge” which means we should push ourselves a bit further trying something new even though it seems tough, but it’s also a fun event! So feel free to set your own challenge, following your needs and rhythm (these months are hard enough for many of us…)

AmiguruMAY 2020 Instagram Challenge for amigurumi makers and designers

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Day 1

Current WIP
Show your current work in progress

Day 2

Do you watch or listen to something while you crochet?

Day 3

Collect or Play
Do you display your amigurumi in a neat collection? Or do you/your kids/your pets play with them?

Day 4

Introduce yourself
Tell something about yourself and/or your craft passions!

Day 5

Crochet hooks, scissors, needles… show your favorite tools!

Day 6

Do you like stripes? How do you change color?

Day 7

What’s on your crafty book shelf? Which amigurumi and crochet books do you love browsing though?

Day 8

In my hands
Sometimes it’s hard to get the size of an amigurumi on it’s own, show off one of yours on your hand!

Day 9

Christmas, spring, Halloween… there’s always a good reason to make a new amigurumi!

Day 10

Pastel or Bright
Show us your favorite color palette!

Day 11

Comfy sofa? Kitchen table? Where do you like to crochet?

Day 12

Have you ever made a donut, a fruit or an amigurumi cake? Yum!

Day 13

Have you ever tried a fun fur yarn? Or techniques to add fur to your amigurumi?

Day 14

Photo sets
How/where do you take your photos? Do you use props or colored cards?

Day 15

We love dolls, but animals are the most favorite amigurumi subject. What do you think?

Day 16

Be proud!
We can create cute little objects just using some thread and a hook… that’s great!

Day 17

Simple or Complex
Do you prefer easy peasy pattern or is a calculator one of your crochet tools?

Day 18

Close up
Get your camera as close as possible and share a detail

Day 19

Tips and tricks
Is there a trick or technique that changed your craft life?

Day 20

What’s behind
Lovely muzzles, tiny noses, bright eyes… but what about their tails?

Day 21

How many?
How many amigurumi have you made so far? Best guess if you’ve lost count!

Day 22

Finishing up
Almost done! Show something about the last steps: stuffing, sewing, combing, stitching…

Day 23

Show your favorite makes from the past

Day 24

Light or bulky
Do you prefer lightweight yarn or bulky yarn?

Day 25

The most challenging
Show the most challenging amigurumi you’ve ever made!

Day 26

Yarn stash
Open all the drawers/cupboards/under bed space and show your stash!

Day 27

Not only single crochet in the rounds! What else can we add to our amigurumi texture? Tapestry, raised stitches, spike stitches…

Day 28

Other crafts
Crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing… what other crafts do you enjoy or would like to try?

Day 29

Thank you!
There’s always something or someone to be grateful to (it could be the one who taught you how to crochet, or shared something with you…)

Day 30

Bucket list
Are there characters you want to make, patterns you want to designs, stitches you’d like to try or yarn you’d like to work with?

Day 31

Something funny
A funny face, an odd pose… show the amigurumi that always makes you laugh!

Here we are! Are you ready to use your hooks, yarn and camera?

If you like to plan ahead part of the challenge you can also download the AmiguruMAY 2020 Planner, it’s a FREE printable file!

Don’t forget to use and follow the hashtags #amiguruMAY and #amiguruMAY2020