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2509, 2020

Toco the Toucan

By |Amigurumi, Patterns|

The characteristic colored beak and the elegant black plumage. Yes, it's an amigurumi toucan! The crochet pattern to make Toco, the amigurumi toucan, is available here. Toucans are incredibly charming birds, with their large colorful beak, shiny feathers, and white collar. It was impossible to resist the temptation to create a funny amigurumi toucan, much more clumsy and chubby than [...]

2209, 2020

Amigurumi School of Magic 2 + FREE Witch of the Woods hat pattern

By |Amigurumi, Crochet|

Amigurumi School of Magic is opening its doors for the second year! This year Irene Strange and I step into the woods in search of mysteries, magic and mischief! Are you joining in? Who knows what we will discover...  The Amigurumi School of Magic is a 5-part Mystery Crochet-Along running between 1st - 31st of October 2020. There is a [...]

609, 2020

How to mark the rounds in crochet using a tail of yarn

By |Crochet, SOSCrochet|

Mark the rounds in a crochet work is useful to avoid mistakes, to keep track of work done and see how it’s growing. It also makes it easy to count the rounds! Safety pins, stitch markers, paper clips, bobby pins… anything can work. But using a tail of contrasting color yarn is definitely the easiest and fastest way to mark [...]

509, 2020

How to crochet an oval shape: working into both sides of the foundation chain

By |Crochet, SOSCrochet|

Crochet oval shapes are used for amigurumi, to make the base of some bags, soles of baby shoes and wool slippers. Most amigurumi patterns start with a magic ring that allows you to make a round shape that widens round after round. Another very common crochet shape is the oval! The oval base allows you to create a three-dimensional shape [...]

2104, 2020

Italo the Wolf and the Amigurumi World Tour

By |Amigurumi|

Italo the amigurumi wolf is a tailor who travels around the world to discover the most beautiful fabrics. He’s a kind guy who loves wearing a stylish bow tie! Italo the Wolf is a cute character and, crochet-wise, a simple amigurumi pattern. He’s proudly part of the Amigurumi World Tour! A fun Instagram event organized by Lexie (@lex_in_stitches) and Amanda [...]

1704, 2020

AmiguruMAY 2020 – daily prompts

By |Amigurumi|

AmiguruMAY 2020: daily prompts to get inspiration for your post and share it on Instagram from the 1st to 31st of May Are you reading about AmiguruMAY for the first time? Please read this blog post or this instagram post! AmiguruMAY is an Instagram Challenge for all crochet lovers, amigurumi makers and designers. The challenge is about posting everyday [...]

Amigurumi Advent 2021

  Amigurumi Advent is back for a fourth year! It's time for a new crochet adventure from Irene Strange and I - Amigurumi Advent 2021 MCAL! This December join us for a brand new mystery crochet-along and unwrap a cute crochet surprise every day until Christmas Day. Is this the first time you hear about the Amigurumi Advent MCAL? Have a [...]

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