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1407, 2021

Dotty, crochet granny squares basket (free pattern!)

By |Crochet, Free patterns, Patterns|

Dotty is a crochet basket formed by squares, the famous granny squares! The square creates a basic module that can be composed to form many different projects. I am making baskets to keep yarn and notions. The instructions to crochet Dotty - and also Mini-Dotty! - in DMC Natura Just Cotton yarn are free on my online shop from 19 [...]

1604, 2021

AmiguruMAY 2021 – Instagram challenge and planner

By |Amigurumi|

The Instagram challenge for amigurumi lovers is back for the third year in a row! AmiguruMAY 2021 will keep us company for the whole month of May. In this post there is the complete list of daily prompts and a brief explanation for each theme. Plus the free downloadable planner! AmiguruMAY is an Instagram Challenge for those who love [...]

2603, 2021

The Moon Rabbit. 2 crochet bunnies and a smiling moon

By |Amigurumi, Crochet, Patterns|

The Moon Rabbit: from the legend to the cute crochet bunnies! The mythological legends of the moon rabbit are present in many countries of the Far East, with many different stories and meanings (you can read some of them on the dedicated Wikipedia page). For this amigurumi bunny I imagined a sweet little story: "Did you know there's a rabbit [...]

2901, 2021

Riso the amigurumi Chameleon

By |Amigurumi, Patterns|

The first amigurumi of the year goes to great lengths to blend in with yarns and buttons. The crochet pattern to make Riso, the amigurumi Chameleon, is now available here. It is time to give new life to all the yarn bought on impulse, all those lovely skeins with wonderful variegated, printed, sprayed colors, but which had not convinced us [...]

2610, 2020

Amigurumi Hippo with DMC Happy Chenille. Free pattern!

By |Amigurumi, Free patterns, Patterns|

I’d love to share with you all my enthusiasm for my first amigurumi with chenille yarn, the “Flower Power” Hippo! The PDF file with step-by-step photos and written instructions is completely free for you to enjoy. Download the free pattern Continue reading this post for other curiosities, tricks and my personal impressions on chenille/velvet yarn for amigurumi. Last [...]

AmiguruMAY 2022 – Instagram challenge and planner

AmiguruMay is back for the fourth year! AmiguruMAY 2022 is an Instagram challenge that runs throughout May 2022. The theme of this challenge is amigurumi and crochet - of course! - with daily prompts to follow as inspiration to share a photo/video/reel on your IG grid. Amigurumi 2022 prompts Each day there’s a different prompt and I’ve also added [...]

Duca the Mallard

Yay for more amigurumi birds! The crochet pattern for making Duca, the amigurumi mallard, is available here. If you are looking for a cute bird, duck or specifically a mallard this pattern is for you! Make your own crochet amigurumi mallard following the step by step instructions and photos included in this PDF pattern. To create and complete this pattern [...]

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