My new amigurumi book is out there!

“Colorful Crochet Birds” is now available in presale on website.

Colorful Crochet Birds - Amigurumi Book

About 5 years ago, I first came across colorful bird feathers on my amigurumi path, and I spent whole days sketching birds while thinking of the best possible candidates for a new amigurumi pattern. A chubby toucan, with a huge, colorful beak, swiftly came to life on paper… That was only the beginning of this journey!

Colorful Crochet Birds - Amigurumi Book

We’ve packed this book with a selection of patterns, from majestic Peacock, elegant Flamingo… to cute little Kiwi bird. Each project comes with written instructions (using US crochet terms and abbreviations) and step-by-step photos, making it easy for crocheters of all skill levels to create their own feathered friends. I cant wait to see which bird are you most excited to crochet!

The book includes the patterns to make 19 birds: Urbano the Hoopoe, Blush the Flamingo, Celeste the Budgie and Sole the Cockatiel, Magda the Magpie, Pip the Kiwi, Berry the Pink Robin and Neve the Shima Enaga, Duca the Mallard, Viola the Pigeon, Button the Saw-whet Owl, Argo the Peacock, Scoop the Pelican, Toco the Toucan, Floriana the Hen with the Little Chick, Emerald the Quetzal, Dune the Ostrich and Tux the Puffin.

Colorful Crochet Birds - Amigurumi Book

How to get the book in presale?

Click here to see the options.
Paperback book (which includes shipping worldwide!) and PDF eBook are both available.

The presale ends on May 5th and the book will be shipped starting on May 7th. When you buy a paperback copy you also get the PDF eBook so you can start crocheting right away!
The book will also be available on Amazon and bookshops from July (the PDF copy won’t be included). Thank you if you decide to support me right away!

Colorful Crochet Birds - Amigurumi Book

Get ready to meet my feathered friends! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be giving each bird in the book its own special post on my Instagram account 💛 I am so excited to see your colorful crochet creations come to life! 

Happy crocheting!